Learn more about rat tickling and get certified in the technique.

Apply for the Swiss 3R Competence Centre’s Refinement Grant 2022 if you have an idea that could refine approaches and methods in Switzerland.

Did you know that you can buy technique training books about rats, mice, rabbit, etc. and watch free webinar recordings on the AALAS website?

Workshop on how to recognise, prevent and alleviate paint and distress in laboratory animals.

Workshop about anaesthesia and perioperative care of rodents and rabbits to be held on the 26-27 September.

Participate in the 9th Annual Virtual 3Rs Symposium organized by the Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing and others. June 22-24.

Participate in FELASA’s questionnaire survey about the current practice of analgesia use in mice.

The workshop is being held on June 21-22 and is about the Ethics of Animal Behaviour and Welfare Research for the 21st Century and Beyond.