This edition focuses on the development of a non-invasive method for detecting arousal periods in heterothermic mammals


This article describes its recommendations for measuring and standardizing light for laboratory mammals to improve welfare and reproducibility.

This edition discusses data sharing, which enables the reuse of data, reduces resource waste, and unnecessary replication studies.

This edition discusses the use of a 3D-printable design that can be used for brain imaging in awake mice and anesthetized mice and rats.

This RSPCA-led online event brings together experts to share knowledge and approaches to refining fish care and use.

NC3Rs research round-up for refining fish in research. A presentation of their work to build evidence.

Did you know that AALAS has videos and webinars available on their website that focus on training for laboratory animals?

On November 6th, Swiss 3R Competence Centre invites you to a workshop where you can, among other things, learn more about pain assessment.