NC3Rs research round-up for refining fish in research. A presentation of their work to build evidence.

Did you know that AALAS has videos and webinars available on their website that focus on training for laboratory animals?

On November 6th, Swiss 3R Competence Centre invites you to a workshop where you can, among other things, learn more about pain assessment.

On November 10th, The TARCforce3R Center will host a webinar with a focus on Harm-Benefit Analysis and the ethical assessment in animal experiments.

The Swedish 3R-Center just released their new movie focusing on research, animal models, alternatives to animal models and the 3Rs

A new initiative establishing a Nordic network for researchers working with zebrafish. It will take place on November 16-17 in Stockholm.

On November 22-24, EALAS is hosting their first congress in Rome, Italy. Speakers will present best practices in laboratory animal surgery.

On November 16th, the workshop "Humane Endpoints for Fish in Regulatory Toxicology" will be held.