On July 12th, AALAS invites you to a webinar where you can acquire the tools for pain management in various laboratory animals.

Listen to the latest episode of GetReal! This episode describes the disease 'Duchenne muscular dystrophy' and its impact.

Fondazione will be holding a 2-day online course on 17-18 May focusing on the key aspects for the management of a laboratory rodent facility.

On May 9, The 3R Centre Finland invites to a webinar on how to recognize distress in the face of the mouse during handling and procedures.

EPAA grants 6000 euro to an animal caretaker, laboratory technician or technologist who has achieved awareness of refinement of animal testing.


Caring for research animals can take a severe mental toll. This article focuses on how the psyche is affected by close collaboration with laboratory…

The main focus is to access review and approval processes for animal research in the UK and how to adjust to support the 3Rs.

In Brighton, April 23 – April 26, the NC3Rs will be hosting a session about refining the use of head fixation and food & water control in rodents.