A new initiative establishing a Nordic network for researchers working with zebrafish. It will take place on November 16-17 in Stockholm.

On November 22-24, EALAS is hosting their first congress in Rome, Italy. Speakers will present best practices in laboratory animal surgery.

On November 16th, the workshop "Humane Endpoints for Fish in Regulatory Toxicology" will be held.

On October 31st, RSPCA, IAT, and UFAW are inviting to a meeting to discuss and share current refinement research, welfare issues, and more within the…

In this edition, you can learn more about how group sizes for breeding gene-modified mice are estimated and address challenges associated

This edition discusses a new mouse model called "NeoThy," which is a humanized model that resembles the human immune system.

The Swedish 3R-Center has just published a guide to non-animal methods for research and regulatory applications. Read it here.

On July 20th, the workshop "Industry Standards of Animal Welfare" will be held by the Swiss 3R Center. Sign up here.